Thursday, December 17, 2009

"I wonder what was tied up...How did it get away...Where is it going..."

one-line pen & ink drawing

Chris (age 10)
Once upon a time there lived a monster. It's name was Bongo. It was the strongest of the monsters in the world and the dumbest in the world. One day scientists caught it but Bongo didn't like it. So he ran away to the forest. The End

Ben (age 7)
Well, a long, long, long time ago there lived a snogulbuffer that was very rare. There was only one of them and a wizard. The snogulbuffer wanted to go back to the wild and one night the snogulbuffer heard the wizard muttering the secret code to the gate. He heard the code. The code was: 1-2-7-6-9-3-2-1-7-6-9-1-3-4-9-1-6-2-5-3-9-7-1-2-3. He got out and no one has ever seen him since. The End