Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Fables of Leonardo da Vinci

5 stars:
This was a delightful read and one that has gotten me thinking about the connection between story and character formation or virtue education. For anyone with kids this provides wonderful bedtime material as da Vinci has mastered the fable as well as he seemed to master everything else he attempted. The seventy-three fables come alive with some fantastic color illustrations.

Published in 1973 by Hubbard Press
Interpreted and transcribed by Bruno Nardini
Illustrated by Adriana Saviozzi Mazza


Doug P. Baker said...

I'm going to look for it for my youngest for Christmas. (Three prepositional phrases in a row! Think I'll get low marks for style?) Hope my rather weak chain bookstore can get it.

Doug P. Baker said...

The rather weak chain bookstore says they can not get it. They said to look for a used copy online. Oh, pooh!