Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Richard Rohr

"The gospel is not primarily a set of facts but a way of seeing and a way of being in the world because of God. Jesus speaks to the heart, saying (1) God is on your side; (2) God can be trusted; (3) the universe is safe and benevolent; (4) trust yourselves, one another and God; (5) there is no reason to be afraid; (6) it's all heading toward something good."

from, Jesus' Plan for a New World


Daniel J. said...

I'm not sure I agree with numbers 1 and 3... Number 1 makes me think a little of the hobbits' conversation when they first meet Treebeard--whose side are you on? and he turns the question around and says, who is on my side. The language of God being on our side just make me a little nervous.

As for #3, I'm also not sure this is part of the Gospel--Jesus if pretty explicit that becoming a part of the kingdom is to choose the way of pain. Rohr may be thinking in more of an ultimate sense, after the ultimate defeat of sin, death, Satan, and the flesh evidenced in his second coming. But if so its not as helpful as a way of seing and being in the world.

Any clarifications or thoughts?

dthaase said...

Daniel...I can see why #1 makes you a bit nervous. Here's my take, I think Rohr's point here is that God is not out to get us...rather, He has us in mind and with that our best interest. This in turn lends itself to #2, that He can be trusted - which is good news indeed. #3 is a bit more odd I will admit - but I see the ultimate point being one that is trying to drive home a picture of not allowing fear to rule us. He is saying there is a goodness in our Creator that encompasses His creation...Christ comes in and we can trust ourself and those where he is manifest (#4) & we need not fear (#5) - and the end of it all (in Christ) is heading toward something good (#6).