Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Practical Theology: An Introduction, Richard R. Osmer

5 stars
A truly beneficial work. Osmer, who is a professor of Christian Education at Princeton Theological Seminary, writes a book that all ministers need to read. If you care about the church you need to pick up this book. He weaves together a beautiful tapestry of theory and practice. His model is one informed by scholarly research and yet the book remains an easy read . Filled with insightful narrative Osmer addresses the practitioner and invites them to ask:
What is going on?
Why is it going on?
What ought to be going on?
How might we respond?
Beyond the application of this text to the life of the church, I found Osmer's insights and exploration of these questions to be a helpful guide within all the various relationships and systems I find myself.

Osmer will be giving a free lecture open to the public on Spiritual Formation as Practical Theology on Thursday February 5th @ 7pm on the campus of Wheaton College in Barrows Auditorium (east entrance of the Billy Graham Center)

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