Thursday, March 26, 2009

Christian Wiman

"The effort is to make ourselves more real to ourselves, and to feel that we have selves, though the deepest moments of creation tell us that, in some fundamental way, we don't. (What could be more desperate, more anxiously vain, than the ever-increasing tendency to Google oneself?) So long as your ambition is to stamp your existence upon existence, your nature on nature, then your ambition is corrupt and you are pursuing a ghost."


"Life is always a question of intensity, and intensity is always a matter of focus."


"Human imagination is not simply our means of reaching out to God but God's means of manifesting himself to us."


"Contemporary physicists talk about something called "quantum weirdness," which refers to the fact that an observed particle passed through a screen will always go through one hole. A particle that is unobserved but mechanically monitored will pass through multiple holes at the same time. What this suggests, of course, is that what we call reality is utterly conditioned by the limitations of our senses, and that there is some other reality much larger and more complex than we are able to perceive."

from IMAGE Journal #60, in the essay, "God's Truth Is Life"

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