Sunday, May 31, 2009

"The Giant's Heart" by George MacDonald

5 stars
This short tale is one found in The Complete Fairy Tales of George MacDonald. It is a retelling of a Norwegian fairy tale where a child-eating giant has hidden his heart and a two children (Tricksey-Wee & Buffy-Bob) seek it out to teach the giant a lesson. It offers some points worth talking about if read to kids (i.e. there's a moral that can be pulled out of the story).

Here's a favorite quote from the tale:
"Then Tricksey-Wee told them that there was a giant on the borders who treated little children no better than radishes, and that they had narrowly escaped being eaten by him; that they had found out that the great she-eagle of Mount Skycrack was at present sitting on his heart; and that, if they could only get hold of the heart, they would soon teach the giant better behaviour."

read the whole fairy tale here (it can be read in under an hour):
The Giant's Heart

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