Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Patchwork Girl of Oz, L. Frank Baum

4 stars
Another fun tale from Baum's Oz series - this is book seven and brings yet another adventure with new characters while tracking with favorites from the past stories. The journey motif is again followed and makes for an enjoyable read.

Here's a favorite quote from chapter twenty-three of the story where the Patchwork girl is listening to the Chief of the Horners (who spend their time decorating the insides of their homes and neglecting the outside appearance):
"Outside? Who cares for the outside of anything?" asked the Chief. "We Horners don't live on the outside of our homes; we live inside. Many people are like those stupid Hoppers [a neighboring group they are warring with], who love to make an outside show. I suppose you strangers thought their city more beautiful than ours, because you judged from appearances and they have handsome marble houses and marble streets; but if you entered one of their stiff dwellings you would find it bare and uncomfortable, as all their show is on the outside. They have an idea that what is not seen by others is not important, but with us the rooms we live in are our chief delight and care, and we pay no attention to outside show."

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