Friday, October 16, 2009

Abel's Island, William Steig

5 stars
Before there was Tom Hanks in Castaway there was Abel's Island. I couldn't help but think of the film as I read this book as many of the same themes are explored only through a child friendly lens: love, loneliness, survival, creativity, suspense, perseverance, hope, friendship, and adventure. Steig has written a beautifully human story through the likes of Abel, a mouse. The illustrations as well as the story line are filled with intrigue and the book ends with the heartstrings being pulled and the sense that time was well spent entering into Abel's journey. I highly recommend this short book for all ages.

Published in 1976, it was a Newberry Honor book which was also turned into a 30 minute animated film in 1988.

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Zelda Zap said...

I loved Able's Island! What a wonderful story. I had forgotten about it.