Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"I wonder what is behind this great stone door..."

(pen & ink drawing 9"x7.5")

Chris (age 10)
It all began when the guard of the door that no one can open was dead and all of the town's people were amazed because he was the strongest person in the world. That very night the monster started to scare the people. Every night he would scare them. Finally, after many weeks the monster died and everyone celebrated and wore costumes. Now to this day it is called Halloween
Ben (age 7)
Every week the biggest monster comes out of the door and the guard has to fight it. Today, Goofis, the fiercest of the monsters was fighting the guard named Nofis and today Nofis was ready because three days before Nofis had made a potion that would make him win any battle that he fought in eight days. So, Nofis was ready to win the battle. The monster came out and Nofis was ready to fight. He fought and fought and fought until Nofis won. the end

dth (age 33)

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