Friday, November 13, 2009

"I wonder who found this giant chest and what's inside it..."

(pen & ink drawing 11"x9")

Chris (age 10)
Once upon a time there lived a wizard. He made a chest that can make the person inside go anywhere the person wants to go but when the wizard died all the people took the stuff away but no one wanted the chest because the chest looked normal to the people. After a long time the home started to rot but the chest didn't rot and after many years the chest was buried in rubble. After a long time two kids found the chest. Their names were Chris and Ben. One day Chris shut Ben in the chest and after a long time Ben wished that he was at home and right away he was at home! Ben told the family what happened and after that day they never had to pay to go anywhere they wanted to go, especially Disney. The End

Ben (age 7)
When ever you open this chest you get whatever you want at that time. Back in 5000 B.C. they buried it and after thousands of years scientists found it. They got thinking there was gold and got mad when they saw there was no gold. One of the scientists got so mad he said, "I want to go home" and POP he was home. The End...Chris got mad at me because I finished my story too fast, maybe he will go home.

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