Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"I wonder how this frog turned into a pig..."

one-line pen & ink drawing

Chris (age 10)
Once upon a time there lived a frog who wanted to be a human. There was one more bottle left that could turn anyone into a human. The frog had been looking for it. Finally, in the deepest part of the forest, in the oldest tree, he found it. Then he drank it but it wasn't it. So the frog turned into a pig.

Ben (age 7)
Well, a long, long time ago there lived a prince and the prince had a frog named Nogulhedin. This frog was a magical frog. What it would do was turn into many different kinds of animals. It was so fast that the frog changed quickly. One night a bad wizard gave the frog a potion to stop the frog right when he was changing into a pig. Now he is a famous dancer. the end


Andrew said...

Magick is goode. Magic line work - again.

dthaase said...

thanks for the kind word