Thursday, December 31, 2009

IMAGE: Art, Faith, Mystery #62

4 stars
Once again, inspiring. Here were a few lines that resonated with me:

"To live in faith means to live in the present, to know that the substance of grace is here and now." ~ Gregory Wolfe (pg. 5)

"Prayer keep no / set hour, can take you / unaware." ~ Mark Rudman (pg. 18)

"...the role of the interpreter, the critic - not just as a passive recipient, but as a participant in the art, almost a co-creator alongside the artist." ~ Bruce Herman (pg. 24)

"Of the place she lives and of her life I should say it is enviable. For starters, it's in the Midwest, which is decent and wholesome and devoid of the grittiness of New York and the senselessness of Los Angeles, Midwesterners, while not taken seriously by the rest of the country, particularly those in the east, believe they represent the very best of what America has to offer. They may be right in this regard." ~ Peter Levine (pg. 37)

"Most of existence is invisible and inaudible. How do we make a connection with this huge world? By metaphor. The Bible is lavish with metaphor, but metaphors can very easily become cliches. The poet is a defense against cliches...Can I do nothing in terms of publication, publicity, or getting a job done, but instead focus on getting this language into myself - written, spoken, prayed - unselfconsciously? If I can, than I am being honest." ~ Eugene Peterson (pg. 66)

"Humility is a prerequisite for the accurate use of language. We live in a world made by God, but we refuse to live in mystery. We're always trying to figure it out. Now mystery doesn't mean obscurity. It doesn't mean ignorance. Mystery means living in a trusting presence to what we cannot control or explain...Living with some tension, in mystery, is part of the life of faith, and it's what keeps us growing." ~ Eugene Peterson (pg. 69, 70)

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