Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hermon thought it odd when he woke one morning with no reflection...

Monday Artday prompt: invisible

one-line pen & ink drawing w/watercolor pencils

I wonder how it happened, I wonder what he'll do...

Chris (age 10)
Once upon a time there lived an elephant. His name was Hermon. One day Hermon got in a fight with a witch. The next day Hermon looked in the mirror but he couldn't see himself. Then he realized that if he took off his cloths he was not invisible. That's why elephants don't wear cloths.

Benjamin (age 8)
One day there lived an elephant named Hermon and he had a good life except when the evil wizard came and killed the first animal he saw. Well, Hermon knew he couldn't let this keep going on. So, the next time the wizard came, Hermon came out and said, "wizard you must stop!" The wizard turned and said, "you think you can stop me?" The wizard pointed a finger at Hermon. His magical spell hit Hermon. Nothing happened. Hermon ran home. He went to bed. In the morning Hermon looked in the mirror. He had no reflection. Then he ran to where the wizard was. When he had found him he was there since the wizard had put a spell on Hermon. The wizard didn't see him coming. Hermon jumped on the wizard and captured him and Hermon made the wizard undo the spell that he had put on him.

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