Friday, January 8, 2010

Lolloping Polly

Polly went a lolloping
Through the forest Gray
Came upon a troll king
With an evil game to play

The troll was quite a dandy
Yet crafty and forlorn
He offered Polly candy
To distract her from his scorn

Yet Polly knew of troll kings
And the dangers of their gifts
So she began suspecting
More motives in his wish

Luckily, dear Polly
Was schooled in trollish charms
And thinking rather quickly
She lollopped to his arms

Polly with a swagger
Reached in her yellow purse
Then drew a purple dagger
And hailed the troll a hearse


Lins Artyblobs said...

Great poem. & thanks for your comments about my sketch.

Jose said...

Love the poem, really moved along playfully. Great details on the tree trunk.

Amy said...

It's lovely in my head, but I found myself wanting read it out loud. Even better.

dintoons said...

poor troll

sweet stuf, perfect for toony illustrations! All the best for the new year 2010! God bless you