Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Taking Learning To Task: Creative Strategies for Teaching Adults, Jane Vella

5 stars
If you teach - you MUST read this book. And it doesn't matter what content you teach - you MUST read this book. Although it is written with teaching adults in mind, the principles mentioned are transferable to any age and context. I home school my two elementary children as well as teach at the college level and I can say that after reading this book, and actually applying her suggestions, my teaching has improved for the better. My lessons have become more thoughtful and engaging and a space for true learning and experiencing the material is being fostered. My training is in education so Vella's instruction gave deeper insight to the practicalities behind teaching in a new and helpful way. The book is theoretical with a heavy emphasis on practicing the tasks she suggests - the book is a waste if it is not engaged by actually trying out her suggestions. The book also contains some very helpful appendices that summaries her theories and praxis.

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