Saturday, November 13, 2010

a medieval bestiary

our home schooling adventures have led us to the Middle Ages and a look at medieval bestiaries - I gave the boys a prompt to create a watercolor splotch and then create their own creature (got the idea from this fun site)...I had to join in as well - here were the results:

The Curmudgeon
by dad (age 34 years young)

The curmudgeon is a beast of night,
one-handed, and a gruesome sight.
With vorpal sword in hand he'll strike—
then rides away on his bike.

The Fleingks
by Chris (age 11)

The fleingks is a rare creature. His liver grows at the full moon. If you can catch the fleingks it will give you its magical tongue that can grant you any wish you want but it can drive a man mad because it makes this noise: iiioiiioiiiohhheeed.

Big Bird by Chris

by Ben (age 8)

Fluffy Bubbles is a dog. Every third Friday in the month of June Fluffy Bubbles turns into a german shepherd (awesome). [editors note: the rest of the story is written backwards (or at least each word is backwards but in the right order) because everyone knows that is what dog language is like]. tub nehw eh denrut kcab ni ot a god eh steg a der tod dna fi uoy ekat ti uoy lliw niw 000,000,1$.

Also, here is a great site for exploring a historical bestiary of animals in the middle ages


WrightStuff said...

I feel all inspired now. Think I might have to drag my son over to the painting table!!

EVA said...

LOL A million dollars for taking a red dot?

Great beasts guys!!

Jenny Blair said...

Heehee! I just LOVE the imaginations of these boys :)
So now I am on the lookout for a magical tongue (which hopefully wont drive me insane with its noise!!) and a red dot.. :)

Anne said...

What fun! Your boys do have great imaginations! The beasts turned out fabulously.

Plumrose Lane said...

Oh these are priceless ~ wonderful work by all! Loved your take on the lesson plan too, home schooling's the best!

Anonymous said...

i wish fluffy bubbles were my doggie

Maron said...

I'd keep my eye on that Ben...he will be a writer that will be noticed!

steve said...

haHa! hese are so awesome! Geez, how'd I miss 'em? Do you mind if I post these and a little something about them at the Splotch monster blog? Well done guys!

dthaase said...

Steve - by all means, share them with others...I'll share your encouraging words with the boys...thanks so much for the visit and your blog...I love your creativity and what you are posting on your site!

Kat W said...

These are fab and look tons of fun. I'll have to try with my kids.

Kat :-)

dthaase said...

thanks for all the comments