Sunday, December 5, 2010

trilobite w/bumbershoot

Illustration Friday prompt: prehistoric 
(I remember having one of these embedded in a rock when I was little - thought it was the coolest treasure - amazing to think you can touch the imprint of something from 500 million years ago!)
a one-line pen & ink drawing w/Inktense pencils

As Trilly left his house that day
he took his brolly on his way
for he heard the news man say,
"Be prepared for rain today."

But the rain that fell on down
was not the kind you want around
and in an instant all were bound
to be fossils in the ground.


EVA said...

Fabulous Dan!!! Love the image and especially the cute poem!!

Xiao Hong Lin said...

A very nice poem along with this very interesting drawing.

Kerry Schofield said...

Great fossil sketch, nice color pencil!

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Jenna said...

I adore this!

Janine said...

Great poem, I like the umbrella in the sketch

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I love the umbrella. Made me giggle and then the poem made me smile in my belly. THANK YOU!

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Rose Works Jewelry said...

I love both the drawing and the poem!

Michelle Henninger said...

Trilobites!!! I remember seeing them at the Museum of Science when I was little and thinking they were the things they put in Chekov's ear in the Wrath of Khan! Love it!!

Jehanne said...

ahh I remember these thing!!! Great drawing:)

dandelionlady said...

that is so amusing! I love it. I think it would make a great start to a children's book. My kids would love it!

Missy said...

Ha, this is great.

JA said...

This is wonderful - both the drawing and the poem!
The umbrella is really nice! Thank you for your comment. :)