Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Whimsical Wednesday is here...

this week's line of whimsy:
pen & ink drawing w/color pencils

Plum Bird
Plum bird flew to the plum plum tree,
lands and sings the plum plum song,
sweetly nests in the plum plum boughs
then dreams the dreams of plum plum wilds.

Wakes to the pop of the plum plum bloom;
drinks the nectar of plumish juice,
nibbles the fruit of the plum plum plum—
takes to the sky till its nighttime roost.

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mariska eyck said...

I love this plum bird and its plum plum song. Especially in these cold days in Holland when the birds don't sing, they just hide and shiver.


So abstract love the plum color too :) I'll be sure to join in on the fun over at your whimsical Wednesday site after the chaos of the holidays :) thank you for you kind words ♥

Bella Sinclair said...

Quite a plum drawing of a little plum bird. Though I'm not the color of plums, I just got out of the shower and my fingers are pruney. Think he'd like me?