Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Racing Gnicar

Illustration Friday prompt: racing

The racing gnicar does it wrong;
his heels are where the toes belong.
Ever racing he sings a song:
“hum ditty, bum ditty” all day long.

I stopped him once,
said, “You’re all wrong.”

He replied, “My lungs are strong,
want to come and hop along?
It’s easy when your toes are long.”

“Be with you when you’re all wrong?”
I replied to his silly song.

“Hum ditty, bum ditty,” he sang alone—
I shook my fist and gave a groan,
“Don’t you see that you’re all wrong?”

You know what that gnicar did?
He raced away, probably hid.
Poor old creature with his stupid song
Never seeing he’s made all wrong.


Rue Design said...

Fantastic story and funny illio too.

nessadee said...

That poem is great, and the drawing enhances it wonderfully! The whole piece has a nice cadence that's fun to read.

Nancy Bea Miller said...

Wonderful! You have a gift.

laia said...

this is very cool! I found myself reading it aloud

SOFIA said...


nancy said...

oh no, quit bullying him! ;) great illo, great idea altogether! Loved the song/text - just made to be read aloud :D

Juniper said...

aaah I feel so sorry for him, don't be mean!!

Thanks for your kind comment on my Spent drawing ;-)