Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday creativity:

The boys were given an assortment of items and prompted to make something and then write about it. Here are the results:

The 360 Vacuum Cleaner by Chris (age 11)
Once upon a time there lived a mad scientist. The mad scientist was named Voncher. One day Voncher was experimenting and he made the Vacuum 360 which can vacuum anything, even a blue whale. It had three sensors on the top of the vacuum. The vacuum is coming out in 2011. It doesn't need man's help. It is the best vacuum machine in the whole world. It is the newest vacuum in all of the stores and the awesomest selling vacuum cleaner.

The Benjamin Spider by Ben (age 8)
The Benjamin Spider is a vicious beast, the most vicious of all. It eats 39 camels, 7 flies, and one insect. But some days he eats 54 camels (that's only when he is really hungry). Well I guess he is really hungry every day, except for Sundays, because there is air on Sundays. Just so you know he only lives on Neptune.

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